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Horrible app and support, no "how to use" information. Added watermarks and can't remove. Select what I want on pic and doesn't have option to add. Such a WASTE of $7.99.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! Total scam of an app and does not look good at all! The customer service of the "Facebook developer support group" kicked me out of the group for asking who liked the update. The wife of the dude who made the app has a terrible personality and 99% of people who did the update HATE it!!

App gone wrong

The more you add to it the less it becomes useful. Automatic upload to shoptheroe doesn’t even work since 2 updates ago- which is mainly the reason I liked this app. Less is more sometimes!

Makes my life easier!

This app makes my life as a LuLaRoe retailer so much easier! Choose my photo, add style, size and watermark, then it automatically uploads it to my online store! Thanks!

When it works it's helpful...

So tired of how easy it is to accidentally move the style/size off the screen and then not be able to move it back. You would think this would not happen much but it does frequently and closing out the app doesn't fix it. So much time wasted trying to get it to work again. Otherwise the app does help save time when you can get it to work.

Doesn't work

For a couple months this app hasn't worked!! They're very quick to take my $3 a month for the app but I can't even open it to cancel my subscription! I've updated the app so even the latest version is screwed up!

Not working

Every time I try to open the app I get kicked out. Very frustrating....

Getting the boot

Tired of constantly getting booted out of this app. I have the latest version and it won't even open.

Love it!

I love this app and recommend to everyone. I have no issues what so ever. I like the layout way better than the boxes. I like the fact I can hide the tags but still have them so they still upload to STR.. no issues..


It's a great tool and makes taking pictures quick and easy. The only thing I wish it had that it doesn't is the capability to insert text on to a picture. For example if I wanted to describe the colors because they are hard to photograph. So I still have to use a different app to add that which is a pain in the tush. Maybe we can get that in a future update!


I'm so upset that I purchased this app. For $7.99, it should do so much more. It looks sloppy compared to all the other apps with the same NAME!!!! Such a waste!


Please update the pricing and what not on H & L it's all wrong and super frustrating to have to go in and change it and add stuff. Please just update the pricing!!!! Other than that a good application


I never used the "old version" that everyone loved, but I thought I'd give this a shot. It's just not user friendly and I don't like the design of the label. I can't even find how to change it... I'd assume that's an option? The best method I've found for product photos is using Word Swag. The font style is current and doesn't look "dated" and it's really simple to use! Time saver! I was hoping Consultant Aide would have been a time saver, but by the time I figure it out I could have rephotographed my entire inventory! Hope they can make improvements so it's easy to use and looks nice!

I can't open the app

It's crashing upon opening

Disney upload needs help

Doesn't play with STR. I have to go back in an manually upload.

No customer support

Several customers have had to delete and reload the app just to get it to work. I'm on my second go of deleting and reinstalling 😞

Please, make the old version available in a separate app!

This new version is not useable and it takes way too many steps to do one picture! The constant crashing, watermark bug, and words overlapping are what make this app bad. Please, make the old version available for purchase in a new app! I would gladly buy it!

Not for iPad

Bought this expecting to use it on my iPad. The ratios are undoubtedly different for iPad and the text is very small and runs over itself. I have messaged the developer, and they are aware of the issue but unsure of when it can be fixed. Great concept, but of no use to me because I do not have an iPhone. Wish I had known before I purchased, instead of having to try to find a second app to purchase that will work for me.

Love this app!

The improvements just keep getting better and better! Love the STR auto upload feature saves me a ton of time! Thanks for a great product

Latest update is fantastic!

The new update is saving me loads of time on of the more time consuming aspects of my business.


This app has taken a lot of stress and work off my plate. Now with the upload to STR! Love this app. Slight learning curve, but well worth it


It doesn't even open!!! It was working alright, only quitting on me from time to time, but now it won't open anymore. This app has only gotten worse with updates, too. It has become less and less user-friendly.

I know I will sound dumb, but

I have and IPad Pro. How can I uninstall or update this app? Can't figure it out for the life of me!!!

Another Update...

Decided to start using this App again after the major overhaul/new app debacle from earlier this year. Wanted to give it another chance even though I much prefer the first version. Now I updated my phone last night and this app just crashes. Open it and it crashes. Nothing more frustrating than a non-working app.

Love it...just wish it were a bit more user friendly, I love the old version. I like the new version and new features. Sometimes the watermark gets stuck if you accidentally put it too far outside the frame. If that happens, you have to delete the entire app (losing all your settings) and redownload. There is no way of being able to get the watermark back ON the picture once you've accidentally made that mistake...and I've made it several times. Oi. Personal preference...I think squares look more clean cut than bubble/rounded edge things and I would love to have the option to change that. Other than those things, I enjoy the app and really appreciate the new features of STR transfer.


Every time you push and update everything on the old version crashed and you have to uninstall it which means you lose all your setting and then you can't get anything back to how you had it! The point was uniform pictures just STOP

Time saver

This app has made things so much easier for me. I can get my pictures taken and loaded with ease.

New Update

I don't mind the update except when you take another photo to showed the pattern it then is almost just a big as original photo..anyway to fix ??

New update!!! What a time saver!

Love the new update!! You do need to uninstall & reinstall the app which means redoing your settings but SO worth it!!! Load straight to Shop the Roe!! Labels stay in place! Love it! Saves tons of time!!

The update is amazing!!!

The app needed to be deleted and reinstalled after the recent update. No biggie...but y'all!!! It now uploads automatically to Shop the Roe for me. Total game changer!! It only took a minute or two tips to readjust settings and it will save me 10 x as much!

Update is awesome!

Y'all. Please just uninstall the app, restart your phone and reinstall the app. You will be so happy you did. This new update is amazing!! And it connects to shop the roe. Shut the front door talk about game changer! Love this app!


Please fix!! I cannot even open the app without it crashing now after the latest update! 😤 Just got this app and loved it this weekend. However, I did the update hoping the Scarlett's would be added and now every time I go to open it with photo library, the app closes. I haven't been able to get it open once since the update 😤 please fix!

Not working

Loved it, now it's not working

Uninstall and reinstall after update and it's PERFECT

LOVE the new update! Omg the ability to upload straight to shop the roe?! AMAZING. I had the app crash upon opening as well. Easy fix, uninstall and reinstall and works perfectly. Not that hard, ya'll. Some problem solving and critical thinking would save everyone a lot of headache. Oh and I also love that the label automatically now goes to the left center which is where I always dragged it down to when I switched styles. So that's awesome! Always in the same spot. Thank you thank you!!!


This was working beautifully, until the latest update. Now it crashes as soon as you try to open it. This has been going on for THREE DAYS with no response from the developer on Facebook posts or messages. PLEASE FIX IT SO WE CAN TAKE OUR PHOTOS!!!

Horrible, very disappointed!

Haven't been able to open the app since the update. With new inventory to load before tomorrow night, this is very frustrating.

Can't Use!!

I'm so disappointed that this app crashes and is not at all usable. Nothing works. I'm losing money not being able to get my new inventory up. What a ripoff!! Don't waste your money

App keeps crashing!

I was excited when I got this app! It was a perfect 5, but now you can't even use it because it crashes as soon as you open. I'd give this app a 5 if the problem is fixed. Was supposed to have an album sale tonight and now I'm going to have to figure something else out because of this!

Worked fine until the update

I've only had this app for a week and it was fine and now it shuts off as soon as it opens! Don't waste your money like I did!

Newest version crashes

Loved this app but the newest update keeps crashing when I open! Rebooted and everything. Please fix ASAP!


I LOVE this app until yesterday when I'm trying to take new pics and it won't open, just shuts down immediately. Sounds like everyone is having this problem! Will it be fixed or do I need to find a new app?


I can roll with the punches on updates, but since the latest update, the app crashes upon opening. I haven't been able to take pics in 2 days. Please fix asap

Keeps crashing

I did LOVE this app! Until today every time I log in it just shuts off. I tried everything from restarting my phone and even re downloading it. So upset. I had a sale tonight and had pictures to upload that I couldn't 😡

App NOT working

Loved this app until I needed to use it this evening to label my pictures so I could upload new inventory to Facebook and it wouldn't work at all. Worked fine before update yesterday. Please fix this problem!

Was good now crashes every time

Was a good app with only occasional crashes. Now after this update it crashes immediately on starting it, every time! So now it is totally unusable! Please fix right away!

Was a perfect, not so much.

I absolutely LOVED this app when I started using it beginning of Feb. great quality pictures with many options to customize. Shortly after I noticed when I took pictures of TC leggings the "full width" label was not full width. Then, tonight I couldn't even open the app up. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now, the "full width" label is not full width for TC and OS leggings. Extreme disappointment that I have to go in a "crop" my pictures so that they look the same as the rest of them. Please FIX!?!?!

Has been great...

I loved this app until all it did was crash. I can't even open the app without it crashing. Just did newest update, closed out the app, restarted phone, nothing. I have no idea what I'm going to do for my sale tonight. 😞

Don't bother

I liked this app just fine before it was updated. Now it takes too many steps to get one picture done. Don't waste your money. You can get the same photos from the free apps. Very disappointed

Excited to use... once it's fixed...

Not able to add text to pics. Would love to have this remedied since I spent the $8 on it.


I can't change where the size displays (right in the middle of the item name!), and can't change the "L" to "Large". The pictures and description of this app were lacking and I didn't realize that I was getting something I couldn't customize at all. Waste of money.

Was good not so much anymore

Loved this app then they did an update. The previous version was simple to use and it was less time consuming as the newer version. If I made an outfit I always put the extra info in the tag line. For someone who trying to take pictures and run this isn't your app. I'll be looking for another app instead.


This app is Terrible. I need quick customization and I don't need to scroll through other brands. I tried this thinking it would be better than others I tried. So sorry I wasted time and money. I'm usually savvy and I just hate this interface. Don't make the same mistake. I wish I could get a refund.

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